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The traditional CFO role, plus  top-level support for management, board members, & investors, including upgrading accounting systems, training, or reorganizing existing tools to provide more useful information. Some clients  seek to reduce their month-end close time,  improve accuracy, eliminate error-prone manual procedures, develop accounting policies, or simply to ensure the integrity of their balance sheet.  Others seek to develop a board or stockholder reporting package, or to more aggressively manage cash flow,  bank relations, etc.
Long term, full service CFO support & supervision, sized to the needs of your business
It’s frustrating when the accounting results come in too late to make intelligent decisions.  We strip away wasted staff time producing information that doesn’t add value, add logic checks, train staff to understand when something looks wrong, and streamline processes to improve the timeliness and accuracy of financial reporting.
Streamlining to deliver results on time and quickly red-flag potential problems
We don’t predict the future, but we can use a simulation to understand the likelihood of success of various strategies. These work exceptionally well on projecting cash flow (how likely am I to run out of cash?), profits (how likely it is that I’ll make a profit and if so, how much?), and marketing results (what happens if my response rate on the mailer is very low?). Once used, simulations quickly become the preferred method of analyzing financial risk because they makes great intuitive sense.
Financial Modeling, Simulations, and Risk Analysis
While we must support IRS requirements for tax preparation and comply with reporting regulations, strategic classification can be mined for business gold. Systems can serve a dual role by providing clear metrics, unit costs, identifying trends, and managing results by product, client, or business unit.  What gets measured gets done, so we make it practical.
Update Accounting Systems to uncover the gold hidden in the data, and manage results
We are not programmers. But we have many years experience taking the databases of information that feed accounting,  CRM, and other core programs and mine them for useful information, often using the low cost tools that level the playing field for small & mid-sized businesses.  We use the data for decision support, pricing, purchasing, and dashboards.
Database tools & Analytics
Some of our clients began with an unexpected problem: loss of a partner, sudden and unwanted attention from the bank or IRS, critical cash-flow issues, missing assets, sudden departure of accounting personnel, etc. In these difficult situations, small business owners need to secure accurate information quickly, so they can understand where they are and what needs to be done.  Often an action plan is required,  and time is of the essence. If you’re having this experience, you’re not alone and believe us when we say you’re not the first! It happens. We can help.
Resolving Past Problems
With early planning, the number of options available to business owners grows.  Ten years is not too soon!  We help anticipate where the weak spots will be and move resources to address them.  We partner with valuation and tax professionals as needed to set a plan in place & maximize value.
Strategic  planning  & business development for  long term value
Banks, boards, and investors are looking for you to provide them with concrete data that demonstrates you’re in control, you have a plan, and you understand risk.  And internally, cash management when funds are tight can take a heavy day-to-day toll on owners' options, time, and mind space.
Cash Flow planning to support requests and challenges from banks, investors, partners, and owners
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