One Word:  Brilliant!  The stars are

beginning to align.


Brilliant!  The stars are starting to align.


The systems she created gave us what we needed, & were flexible enough to allow us to work through significant change while operating in the public eye.


She is meticulous in detail, and yet thinks out of the box.  She is extremely honest and has impeccable people skills.  We will continue to highly recommend her services to our clients


She is a wealth of information.  She will not only validate your calculations but will provide educational direction throughout the process to help you gain better control & knowledge of your institution's data.


Your ability to handle things on the fly is nothing short of spectacular.  Sincerely, no blowing smoke up your skirt, you are by far the smartest person I know... and the way you can relay info is amazing.

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Long term, full service CFO support & supervision, sized to the needs of your business
Streamlining to deliver results on time and quickly red-flag potential problems
Financial Modeling, Simulations, and Risk Analysis
Update Accounting Systems to uncover the gold hidden in the data, and manage results
Database tools & Analytics
Resolving Past Problems
Strategic  planning  & business development for  long term value
Cash Flow planning to support requests and challenges from banks, investors, partners, and owners