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Founded in 2001, we are not your traditional CPA firm.  In fact, we don't do income tax returns or audits (we work with your preferred professionals for those functions.)  We are street fighters who bring an outside perspective to each client by fiercely stewarding your assets as if they were our own, and using practical tools & solutions to increase profits, maximize cash flow, and grow the value of your business.  We also develop healthy leadership teams, and use robust simulations to develop long-range plans and strategies.

Mary head Photo.jpg
Mary Rehberg, CPA

With 30 years in the trenches, Mary knows what works…. and what doesn’t. She supports clients’ systems needs, cash flow issues, product costing, growing pains, organizational structure, and analysis of where their business is headed.  She is a veteran  CFO and experienced supervisor of accounting, HR, and IT staff, with a strong history of developing self-directed leadership teams.

In addition to being a proud math nerd, Mary is an active community volunteer and a musician, playing piano and woodwinds in several bands.  She and her family live on a small farm where they raise grass-fed beef & pork on rotational grazing pastures,  practicing sustainable agriculture methods in their woods and greenhouse.

Liz Capture.PNG
Elizabeth Rehberg
Project Manager

Liz is a business renaissance woman, with nearly 20 years experience as a bookkeeper, I/T Tech, and project analyst.  From traditional bookkeeping and payroll duties to internet and social media projects, intranet implementations, and software conversions, she is able to walk into projects and quickly figure out what needs to happen, and get the job done.

Liz plays bassoon, and is also a professional French-trained pastry chef,  delivering everything from beautiful wedding cakes to pies, pastries, and darn tasty cookies!  Come see Chef Liz at The Bakery on Military Avenue in Green Bay.

Jessie Lee Sprister 01.16.2023.jpg
Jessie Lee Sprister

Jessie has more than a decade of marketing experience in a variety of industries. Her emphasis is social media marketing and event management. She knows how to make folks stop scrolling and click your call-to-action! 


In her spare time Jessie enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and hound dog. On the weekends you’ll catch her in the woods or other fun activities for a toddler. 

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